The New Way To Break Any Language Barriers

Whether it's for traveling, work, daily interactions, learning a new language, or anything else that requires speaking or reading in another language, the Zenova Translator Pen 2.0 is the fastest, most accurate, and easiest tool to use.

  • By Kyle Fields

Published: Monday, June 17, 2024

  • 112 Different Languages

  • Text & Speech Translation

  • Offline Features

  • 99.9% Accurancy 

  • Sleek & Portable

  • Earbuds / Headphone Compatible

Bridge the gap instantly with the Zenova Translator Pen. You'll have the ability to speak and understand 112 languages. 


Speak into it in English, and the pen will translate it into Spanish. Speak into it in French, and the pen will translate it into German. You decide the combinations!


With two-way translation, you can have a conversation with someone who speaks a totally different language.

One-Time Investment, Lifelong Tool.

Think about all the situations where language barriers have been an issue in your life. There are quite a lot, and it's becoming more and more common!


The Zenova Translator Pen 2.0 is built to last you a lifetime. It will always be by your side when you go on a trip or when a special family member who doesn't speak your language comes over.

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Zenova Translator Pen 2.0

Your Phone

Offline Features

Needs Wifi To Work

99.9% Accurate

Not Accurate on Long Phrases

Scan Text

Can't Scan Text

Doesn't Attract Thieves (When Traveling)

Costs Thousands, Attracts Thieves

Small & Portable

Some Phone Are Bulky

👉 Break Language Barriers Now

Zenova Translator Pen 2.0

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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages does it offer?

Our pen can translate 12 languages with the text scanning features.

  1. Simplified Chinese
  2. Traditional Chinese
  3. English
  4. Japanese
  5. Korean
  6. French
  7. Cantonese
  8. Spanish
  9. Portuguese
  10. Russian
  11. German
  12. Italian

It can translate 112 languages with the speech feature. Here are the 112 languages below.

  1. Simplified Chinese
  2. Cantonese
  3. English United States
  4. English UK
  5. English Australia
  6. English India
  7. Japanese
  8. Korean
  9. Thai
  10. German
  11. French
  12. Russian
  13. Portuguese
  14. Portuguese Brazil
  15. Italy
  16. Spain
  17. Danish
  18. Dutch
  19. Greek
  20. Swedish
  21. Hindi
  22. Arabic
  23. Czech
  24. Finnish
  25. Hungarian
  26. Polish
  27. Norwegian
  28. Slovak
  29. Turkish
  30. Hebrew
  31. Romanian
  32. Burmese
  33. Sinhala
  34. Tamil
  35. English Ghana
  36. English Kenya
  37. English Canada
  38. English New Zealand
  39. English Nigeria
  40. English Philippines
  41. English Singapore
  42. English South Africa
  43. English Tanzania
  44. Spanish Argentina
  45. Spanish Bolivia
  46. Spanish Chile
  47. Spanish Colombia
  48. Spanish Costa Rica
  49. Spanish Ecuador
  50. Spanish El Salvador
  51. Spanish American
  52. Spanish Guatemala
  53. Spanish Honduras
  54. Spanish Mexico
  55. Spanish Nicaragua
  56. Spanish Panama
  57. Spanish Paraguay
  58. Spanish Peru
  59. Spanish Puerto Rico
  60. Spanish Dominican Republic
  61. Spanish Uruguay
  62. Spanish Venezuela
  63. Arabic Israel
  64. Arabic Jordan
  65. United Arab Emirates
  66. Arabic Bahrain
  67. Arabic Algeria
  68. Arabic Iraq
  69. Arabic Kuwait
  70. Arabic Morocco
  71. Arabic Tunisia
  72. Arabic Oman
  73. Arabic State of Palestine
  74. Arabic Qatar
  75. Arabic Lebanon
  76. Arabic Egypt
  77. Afrikaans
  78. Catalan
  79. Croatian
  80. Urdu (India)
  81. Bengali (India)
  82. Gujarati
  83. Kannada
  84. Malayalam
  85. Marathi
  86. Vietnamese
  87. Ukrainian
  88. Swahili (Kenya)
  89. Swahili
  90. Sundanese
  91. Slovenian
  92. Nepali
  93. Lithuanian
  94. Cambodian
  95. Lao
  96. Latvian
  97. Javanese
  98. Croatian
  99. Icelandic
  100. Georgian
  101. Azerbaijani
  102. Malay
  103. Bengali
  104. Amharic
  105. Armenian
  106. Tamil (Singapore)
  107. Tamil (Sri Lanka)
  108. Tamil (Malaysia)
  109. Persian (Iran)
  110. Serbian
  111. Bulgarian
  112. Urdu (Pakistan)

Are the instructions in English?



Our easy to follow guide is in english. 

Can I connect it to earbuds?


If you don't want to use your pen in speaker mode, connect it to any Bluetooth earbuds/headphones to use it quietly.

Can I use it without wifi?


We offer some offline features, but keep in mind that not all features are available without Wi-Fi. You can copy text offline, but you can't use it for voice translation. We are working on it, and these features should be available soon.

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Break Any Language Barriers

112 Different Languages

Offline Features

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